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Aquence Casing 7248 | Water-Based Bookbinding Adhesive
Aquence Casing 7248 | Water-Based Bookbinding Adhesive

Aquence Casing 7248 | Water-Based Bookbinding Adhesive

Part Number:Aquence Casing 7248

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The assembly of a book consisting of attaching the front and back covers to the spine of the book or book block is referred to as Casing In. The adhesive used is a very important component in the Casing in process. The adhesive must be tacky to adhere the substrates, while also having the correct viscosity to process through the casing in machine. In addition it must have the flexibility for rework situations and work on a variety of substrates.

Aquence Casing 7248 is a water based adhesive designed for the bookbinding industry. It adheres difficult to bond surfaces, and runs well on Kolbus 40 and 70 casing-in machines. It is specially formulated to stick a variety of stocks and is used primarily for casing in. 

Aquence 7248 is especially designed to adhere to a variety of substrates, and will work on a wide range of equipment. The rheology of the Aquence 7248 makes it ideal for a continuous or sporadic work environment. The Aquence 7248 works very well on machines that are high speed as well as machines that run slowly. The open time of the Aquence 7248 makes it the preferred product for Casing In across the industry.

The Aquence 7248 displays great adhesion properties on a wide range of substrates while still maintaining great machining characteristics. Aquence 7248 is preferred in the industry because of the great flexibility both in terms of adhesion and machining. Aquence 7248 displays a great combination of machining, durability, and the ability to bond a variety of substrates at different manufacturing speeds and conditions.

Aquence 7248 has a very low odor. This becomes really important in areas with low ceilings and poor ventilation. Aquence 7248 works very well in these environments. In addition the Aquence is one of the best machining Casing In products in the industry. When we couple the great machining, with great adhesion, low odor, and the ability to work on a variety of substrates, it is easy to see why Aquence 7248  is the perfect choice for Casing-In applications

 All ingredients in Aquence Casing 7248 are approved under the Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to incidental contact of adhesives with food.

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Aquence Casing 7248 is supplied ready for use. Preferred running temperature is 70-85°F. This adhesive cleans up while wet or dry.


Aquence Casing 7248 has a 90-day shelf life. Rotate stock, using oldest first. Keep container covered when not in use to prevent moisture loss and contamination. Do not freeze.

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