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Aquence XP 101 | Premium Liquid Bottle Adhesive
Aquence XP 101 | Premium Liquid Bottle Adhesive

Aquence XP 101 | Premium Liquid Bottle Adhesive

Part Number:Aquence XP 101

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Aquence XP 101 is a breakthrough in liquid bottle labeling technology. It is a premium liquid bottle labeling adhesive made from unique synthetic polymers. It offers bottlers a big improvement in performance over traditional synthetics and natural hybrids. With exceptional tack and adhesion, the labels will remain intact through repeated use and compression. Aquence XP 101 is perfect for bottlers that process both glass and PET. This premium product displays great adhesion to both PET and glass bottles. It has very high initial tack with good open time. It displays improved rheology that resists build up on the pallet cutouts and the gripper fingers. It provides about an 18% mileage increase over traditional technology. It has excellent machinability, high wet tack and a very fast and aggressive setup. Aquence XP 101 is a one-product approach for both glass and PET applications that will improve production, efficiency, and quality.

One of the best features of the Aquence XP 101 is the amazing easy clean up it offers. While it has great adhesion to a number of different substrates, it also is very easy to clean up.

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