We have a full variety of hot melt glue sticks and hot glue guns for the packaging industry.
PPS replacement and spare parts are compatible with Nordson® ITW Dynatec, Melton, and Slautterback.
Our lubricants, cleaners, and degreasers are designed for use in manufacturing and industrial environments.
Hot Melt adhesives provide excellent adhesive bonds to low energy substrates, good flexibility and high durability.


Want to make the perfect book? Here are the Tools!

PUR Bookbinding is the fastest growing segment of the book market. The customer demand for better, longer lasting, great lay-flat books has driven the use of PUR bookbinding adhesives.

While the PUR adhesives used are very important, the other items used in the manufacturing process are also critical to successful PUR Bookbinding. Below are the industry tools that will ensure successful, consistent results and keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Products (Total Items: 9 )
Technomelt PUR 3317 | 16 Kilo PUR Bookbinding Adhesive
$280.00 per box (35 LBS)
In Stock
Technomelt GA 1214 | Bookbinding Side Gluing Adhesive
$110.00 Box/ 2 Box Minimum/Call for Pallet Price
In Stock
Technomelt GA 7613 | Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Bookbinding
$79.00 per box/ 2 Box Min/ Call for Pallet Price
In Stock
Technomelt PUR 3365 | Premium, Fast-Setting PUR Adhesive
$220.00 Box/ 2 Box Minimum/Call for Pallet Price
In Stock
Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2
$292.50/ 45 Pound Bag
In Stock
Technomelt PUR-O-LUB
$120.00 for 4 Tubes
In Stock
Technomelt PUR 3317/ 12 Kilo PUR pellets
$375.00 per box (25 LB Box)
In Stock