We have a full variety of hot melt glue sticks and hot glue guns for the packaging industry.
PPS replacement and spare parts are compatible with Nordson® ITW Dynatec, Melton, and Slautterback.
Our lubricants, cleaners, and degreasers are designed for use in manufacturing and industrial environments.
Hot Melt adhesives provide excellent adhesive bonds to low energy substrates, good flexibility and high durability.
Technomelt 8990 Sticks
Technomelt 8990 Sticks

Technomelt 8990 Sticks

Part Number:Technomelt 8990 Sticks

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Technomelt 8990 Stick is a fast setting very aggressive glue stick. It is very clean and  does great job on a variety of substrates for repair work. It is well liked as many customers can use the same stick as they use in the pots.

It is sold in 25 lb boxes 1/2"-10" stick form.

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