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Technomelt GA 488D | Flexible Hot Melt Adhesive
Technomelt GA 488D | Flexible Hot Melt Adhesive

Technomelt GA 488D | Flexible Hot Melt Adhesive

Part Number:Technomelt GA 488D

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In hot-melt bookbinding adhesives, flexibility is highly valued and that is exactly what you get with Technomelt GA 488D. Many conventional hot melts are relatively rigid, and that is one of the features that makes Technomelt GA 488D so desirable. Another great feature of the Technomelt GA 488D is the low viscosity at operating temperatures since this is positively correlated with page pull strength. In addition, the Technomelt GA 488D features a very fast set, a really aggressive tack, and long open time, which are all very desirable characteristics.

Technomelt GA 488D is suitable for perfect binding of most of the common papers and provides excellent bonding strength. It also works very well on many coated papers. It has very good specific adhesion to many paper types. Adhesive-application temperature is critical in this application because it directly affects how long the hot melt remains open during the manufacturing process. If the hot melt is not hot enough, open time will be too short and the book covers will not adhere properly. If it s too hot, the adhesive s viscosity will be too thin, creating excessive problems. Technomelt GA 488D has a nice range of temperature to work within to provide the best results. Running temperature is suggested between 340-360°F.

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Technomelt GA 488D is polymer-based and is 100 percent solids (contains no solvent or water). It is thermoplastic, which means it is solid at room temperature but will liquefy upon heating and solidify again upon cooling. This property gives Technomelt GA 488D fast setting speed. The lack of water and solvents allows it to attain very good bonding strength very quickly (as soon as it cools).

Benefits of Technomelt GA 488D
  • Less maintenance downtime
  • Low odor
  • Low viscosity change with extended use
  • Maintains consistent light color
  • No stringing or tailing
  • Resists char and gel
  • Consistent application, great mileage
  • Less waste and downtime
  • Higher machine efficiency
  • Great bond structure

Technomelt GA 488D is available in 30-pound boxes. There are 48 boxes on a pallet and the pallet size is 1440 lbs. All ingredients are approved under the Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to incidental contact of adhesives with food.


Rotate stock using oldest material first. Keep covered to prevent contamination. Do not mix with other adhesives. For best results, use within 1 year from date of shipment. Material is applied hot. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for ventilation and handling requirements.

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