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Technomelt PUR 3317 | 16 Kilo PUR Bookbinding Adhesive
Technomelt PUR 3317 | 16 Kilo PUR Bookbinding Adhesive

Technomelt PUR 3317 | 16 Kilo PUR Bookbinding Adhesive

Part Number:TECHNOMELT PUR 3317

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PURMELT QR 3317 is PUR bookbinding adhesive that provides excellent adhesion to a variety of papers and materials and is also very good with difficult-to-bond paper. Depending on external conditions, 50 - 80% of the final bonding strength can be achieved already after 12 to 24 hours. The PURMELT QR 3317 cures to its final bond strength within 1 to 2 days - depending on the atmospheric humidity, the moisture content of the paper, the thickness of the adhesive film, the permeability of the material to be bonded and the storage temperature. After the physical curing process, however, the bonded product can already be processed.

We Can Break Pallets

The storage temperature of freshly bound products should not be below 18 °C as otherwise the reaction time of PURMELT QR 3317 will be significantly longer. When using roll-offset-paper, the moisture content may need to be increased before use, as it is important to ensure there is enough water to ensure a fast chemical reaction. TECHNOMELT PUR 3317 BR has a good adhesion to PVC- and Acetate-films. Bonding of PP- and PE-films is only possible after a recent Corona pretreatment with a surface tension of > 40 mN/m (old: dyn/cm).

Working Temperature

In our experience the actual temperature on the roller and nozzle is often lower than the set temperature. To ensure the actual temperature is the same as the recommended one for the adhesive we suggest regularly checking with an external thermometer and adjusting as required.

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