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Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2
Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2

Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2

Part Number:Technomelt PUR Cleaner 2

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At Premier Packaging Solutions we understand very clearly how much money and time is invested in your equipment. We have a number of tools to help in the cleaning of your PUR processing equipment. These products create a number of advantages for our customers in terms of speed, productivity, long machine life and safety. These tools can be used to prevent wear, increase uptime, and lengthen the life of your equipment. The TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 2 is one of those cleaning tools and it is a state of the art cleaner for PUR adhesives.

TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 2 is used for cleaning PUR application equipment, melting pots, nozzle systems and any equipment that is used for polyurethane hot melt adhesives applications. The cleaner converts the reactive components of the polyurethane hot melt adhesive and takes them from the tank to keep it clean, and to rule out further crosslinking processes. TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 2 is low viscosity to make it easier to use in the system and help it to flow and clean in a more efficient way. The cleaner is blue for easy differentiation from PUR hot melt, and also to make the cleaning process easier. It is suitable for all tank melters, and is reactive inhibit crosslinking of PUR adhesives.

TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 2 is used at the same application temperature as the polyurethane hotmelt PUR hot melt is applied during the working process (90 to 140) °C.


Prior to application please read the Material Safety Data Sheet for information about precautionary measures and safety recommendations. Also, for chemical products exempt from compulsory labeling, the relevant precautions should always be observed. Please also refer to the local safety instructions and contact Henkel for analytical support.

TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 2 is a granulated blue product. It is colored blue to facilitate the cleaning process and show the difference between the cleaner and the PUR. It is used at the same application temperature as the polyurethane hot melt when it is at operating temperature,(90 to 140) °C. Using it at that temperature provides the best results.


Rotate stock, using oldest material first. Keep containers upright and closed to prevent contamination. Do not mix with other adhesives. When stored in a dry and cool place in the original unopened containers shelf life is as follows.

The shelf-life (in unopened original packaging), is about 24 months

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