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Technomelt PUR-O-LUB
Technomelt PUR-O-LUB

Technomelt PUR-O-LUB

Part Number:Technomelt PUR-O-LUB

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Henkel Authorized DistributorTechnomelt PUR-O-LUB sold in 4 tube quantities.

PUR lubrication is the process of using a lubricant to reduce friction and/or wear in contact between two surfaces.

Technomelt PUR-O-LUB is a high-quality synthetic lubricant based on mineral oils and is free of any alkaline soap or fatty acid. It has a unique synthetic polymer that is intended for use with Technomelt PUR products. Technomelt PUR-O-LUB is made from moisture free grease that is critical when interacting with PUR Adhesives.

Technomelt PUR-O-LUB is particularly used in connection with the processing of Purmelt adhesives, to lubricate the melting plate of bulk melters, lubricate doctor-blades or other movable parts of the melting unit as well as sealing of nozzles. Technomelt PUR-O-LUB can be applied to O-Rings of platens to prevent collection behind rings and resulting damage from curing. Technomelt PUR-O-LUB can also be used as a multipurpose lubricant. Technomelt PUR-O-LUB is also excellent as a sealant for hot melt roll coater gates. It is non-corrosive and thus compatible with all glue pot parts and other metal parts in the immediate surroundings.

The stamp of the bulk-melting unit can be greased withTechnomelt PUR-O-LUB to help ensure trouble-free operation. Lubricating with Technomelt PUR-O-LUB will also prevent other moving parts at the edge of the melting pot or the machine from sticking and from accelerated crosslinking with PUR hot melt.

Technomelt PUR-O-LUB can also be used for sealing the heated hoses. Technomelt PUR-O-LUB is a light beige, odorless grease. And the gummy texture simplifies handling. Stability of Technomelt PUR-O-LUB at temperatures from -45°C to 180°C is adapted to PUR adhesives. The chemical properties of Technomelt PUR-O-LUB are such that the PURmelt adhesives are in no way damaged through contact.

A little Technomelt PUR-O-LUB goes a long way. The action of applying a small amount of Technomelt PUR-O-LUB to a PUR pot or component to minimize friction and allow smooth movement prolongs the life of the equipment and helps make a better, more consistent product.

Adequate lubrication with Technomelt PUR-O-LUBallows smooth, continuous operation of the affected machine elements, reduces the rate of wear and prevents excessive stresses. When lubrication is not used, components can rub against each other, causing heat, local welding, and damage and failure.

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