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Technomelt SUPRA 126 Metallocene High Heat Resiatance Hot Melt Adhesive
Technomelt SUPRA 126 Metallocene High Heat Resiatance Hot Melt Adhesive

Technomelt SUPRA 126 Metallocene High Heat Resiatance Hot Melt Adhesive

Part Number:Technomelt SUPRA 126 Metallocene High Heat Resistance Hot Melt

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Technomelt Supra 126 is a very high quality case/carton sealing hot melt. It features fast set, high heat resistance and excellent thermal stability. Technomelt Supra 126 is an excellent choice for hot fill and other high heat applications. Technomelt Supra 126 combines the advantages of fast set speed and long open time.

Technomelt Supra 126 couples superior heat resistance with great bonding performance. Technomelt Supra 126 has very low odor, and very light color. Technomelt Supra 126 has excellent molten clarity, which means it is clear to the bottom of the pot. It has great mileage and can lower adhesive usage up to 20%. The bonds resist both high heat and low temperature, which makes it a great product for both high heat and freezer applications. Technomelt Supra 126 runs very smooth, allowing precise control of both the bead size and placement.

  We Can Break Technomelt SUPRA 106M Pallets

Technomelt Supra 126 also works in a variety of coated and uncoated carton, and corrugated stock.

Technomelt SUPRA 126 has proven effective in:

  • Hot Fill Case and Carton Sealing
  • Tray forming
  • Food Packaging
  • Case Sealing to a variety of surfaces
  • Carton Sealing to a variety of surfaces

Technomelt SUPRA 126 is supplied in free flowing pellets and is easy to clean up. All of the ingredients in SUPRA 126 are approved under Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to the incidental contact of adhesives with food.

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