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Technomelt 377 | Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labeling Adhesive
Technomelt 377 | Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labeling Adhesive

Technomelt 377 | Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labeling Adhesive

Part Number:Technomelt EM-377 Pressures Sensitive Hot Melt for Bottle Labeling

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Henkel Technomelt 377 Authorized Distributor

Technomelt EM 377 is a pressure sensitive bottle labeling hot melt uniquely fit for bonding the pick-up and the overlap of bottles. It does especially well with cold wet bottles as the adhesive is very aggressive. The Technomelt EM 377 can be applied at low application temperatures, so it doesn't damage the label shrink film that is specially designed for good machinability without damage to the shrink label. Technomelt EM 377 also does a very good job of labeling pick-up and lap of hot containers and will withstand hot storage conditions.

We Can Break Technomelt 377 Pallets

All ingredients are approved under the Federal Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, which relates to incidental contact of adhesives with food. The Technomelt EM 377 is very tacky at room temperature, which makes it difficult to handle. We have solved that problem. The product is inna 1 lb. chub form. The chub is wrapped in a thin film that is easy to use and easy to put in the hot melt pot. When the Technomelt EM 377 and the film are put in the hot melt tank the film dissolves with the hot melt and is incorporated into the adhesive. The makeup of the Technomelt EM 377 is unaffected and the properties remain the same Technomelt EM 377 can be effectively cleaned off equipment, labels, and bottles with the use of MELT O CLEAN. MELT-O CLEAN is especially effective for removing pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) from bottle labeling equipment. 

Rotate stock using oldest material first. Keep covered to prevent contamination. Do not mix with other adhesives. For best results, use within 1 year from date of shipment. The material is applied hot. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for ventilation and handling requirements.